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Group Tours/Field Trips

Para Site HK Visits Lopez Museum and Library

Please be advised that the Lopez Museum and Library is currently not accepting tour requests. The museum is CLOSED in preparation for the relocation of the institution to Makati.

To ensure quality museum experience, the Lopez Museum and Library highly encourages a manageable number of participants in a tour group due to the size of the space, and the fragile nature of the objects displayed. The Museum and Library must be informed ahead of time of the visit. Please see below for the requirements. All group (groups of more than 10) tours must be scheduled beforehand.

The following steps for securing a schedule for a group tour are mandatory unless stated otherwise:

• Contact us ahead of time to make arrangements. 

The Lopez Museum and Library may be reached through 631-2417, or emailed through The museum team will guide you through the requirements needed to secure a schedule. Look for Thea G. or Yna.

• Conduct an ocular visit*

This step is optional, however it is highly recommended especially for first-time visitors. Oculars are recommended so educators and tour facilitators can get a better grasp of the collection and the content of the changing exhibitions.

For more information on our on-going exhibitions, you may read through them here.

• Fill out the corresponding forms

Please complete the forms that correspond to your visit:

  1. Schedule a School Tour

  2. Schedule an Adult | Personal | Group Tour

Finished forms must be sent to

• Wait for the confirmation email from the Museum Team

Your visit is not confirmed until you have received a confirmation email from the museum team.

Those indicating the use of BUSES as their vehicles for the field trip will receive an email regarding the vehicular details for the day of the trip. This is necessary to secure permits for the passage of the buses. The trip cannot be finalized without the vehicular details.

For additional inquiries or concerns, call us at 631-2417. Look for Thea or Yna.


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