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Zero In 1: Private Art, Public Lives / Hidalgo’s Politics / Luna’s Paris

14 August 2002 to 14 January 2003

Curated by Joselina Cruz

As part of the first joint venture of the Zero-In museum consortium, the Lopez Museum and Library along with the Ateneo Art Gallery, and the Ayala Museum, set up Hidalgo’s Politics | Luna’s Paris aimed to deepen interest into unexplored areas of these notable historical figures.

The exhibition utilized the museum’s Hidalgos and Lunas and delved into aspects rarely focused upon nor studied in depth: Luna’s Paris period and Hidalgo’s politically charged subjects. These perspectives, while mentioned in the artists’ biographies, have never before been the subjects of an exhibition.

The exhibition hoped to stimulate scholarly research and public understanding of their particular collections vis-à-vis the holdings of other institutions, at this instance the holdings under scrutiny are the three museum involved in the collaboration. Zero-In will enable the review of private collections outside the popular readings of art history by looking in specific works, and allow the public the access to primary material for a more insightful study of Philippine Art History.

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