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Fixation: Notions of Obsession

May 2 to July 13, 2002

Curated by Joselina Cruz

Possession and ownership have become means by which one might accumulate power or formulate an identity. It is at this juncture where the exhibition Fixation: Notions of Obsession comes into play, as it seeks to investigate the liminal site where collecting begins as a means before becoming an end, and the site where obsession takes over a life and ends up defining the individual. The exhibition taps on the desire to possess as the motor for modern consumption.



Featuring the work of contemporary artists
Alice & Lucinda (Yasmin Sison and Lena Cobangbang)
Alfredo Juan Aquilizan
Ikoy Ricio

With video work by Swedish artist Annika Eriksson, ‘Collectors’ (1998) courtesy of the Moderna Museet, Stockholm

And the private collections of Jonathan Best and Raymond Red

FIXATION: NOTIONS OF OBSESSION marks the very first time that certain aspects of the Lopez Museum collection act as inspiration, framework and counterpoint for contemporary art practice of Yasmin Sison and Lena Cobangbang as Alice and Lucinda; Alfredo Juan Aquilizan; and Ikoy Ricio. The museum’s collection also provides resonance to Jonathan Best’s photographic collection and Raymond Red’s action figure collection, enabling viewers to discuss the finer points of fusing highbrow culture with that of pop. The exhibition also marks the first time a work of a foreign artist is used to highlight the intricacies of collecting, further empowering the collector to heed his/her passion for the accumulation of a specific object and the fulfillment of a certain need. Annika Eriksson’s video work, Collectors (1998) comes to the Lopez Museum courtesy of Stockholm’s museum of modern art, the Moderna Museet.

FIXATION: NOTIONS OF OBSESSION examines collectors and collections institutional and private, seeks animated discussion about aspects of collecting and the varied passions of various collectors as it celebrates our very human need to own and possess that which our hearts desire.

Exhibition catalogue available from the Lopez Memorial Museum.

The exhibition is made possible by Fujitsu Plasma Vision and Pioneer.

Lopez Museum Lecture Series

The Lopez Memorial Museum is pleased to announce the following activities in connection with its current exhibition FIXATION: Notions of Obsession:

  • 6 July 2002 Lecture: On Obsessions: The Psychology of Collecting by Dr. Marissa de Guzman, PhD

    Psychiatrist Dr de Guzman shares the intricate workings of both the psychological and cultural reasons for our collecting behavior.

    6 July 2002, Saturday, 2 to 4pm, Lopez Memorial Museum

  • 8 June 2002: Shifting Personas: The Making of Fictional Selves by Lena Cobangbang and Yasmin Sison

    Artists Yasmin Sison and Lena Cobangbang speak on the creation of Alice and Lucinda, and their work as artists working in new media and performance.

    8 June 2002, Saturday, 2 to 4pm, Lopez Memorial Museum

  • 25 May 2002: Why We Do What We Do: Artists Talk by Alfredo Juan Aquilizan, Ikoy Ricio and Raymond Red

    The three artists speak about their specific practices as collectors and as artists who use collecting as their practice.

    25 May 2002, Saturday, 2 to 4pm, Lopez Memorial Museum

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