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FIELD NOTES: A Workshop on Scientific Illustrations

The vast and often mysterious world has always been a constant source of inspiration and subject of exploration. As a route to understanding, documentation was an integral step to not only communicate visually, but also to have a detailed and long-lasting record of interesting subjects they come across.

Early practices in scientific documentation have used sketches and more intricate drawings to assist in the identification of species. In the absence of quick and accurate photography, illustrations played an important role in properly accounting for scientific discoveries. Field notes carried by scientists and other researchers on site contain within them instances of art and science coming together towards a common goal — discovery.

This 12 November, Saturday, 1 – 5PM, the Lopez Museum and Library invited two artists from the National Museum of the Philippines, Rolf Campos and Aissa Domingo, for a panel discussion and a workshop. Field Notes will teach participants on the basics of illustrating specimens and other artifacts: stippling and freehand drawing. Proving the continued relevance of scientific illustration in the age of photography and electronic documentation, the workshop also brings to light the processes in which artists are brought in as collaborators in museum research.

This workshop is in line with the Lopez Museum and Library’s current exhibition Exposition that features Fr. Manuel Blanco’s Flora de Filipinas one of the first comprehensive projects undertaken to create an account of our indigenous plants in the Philippines during the 18th century. Liv Vinluan, one of the featured artists of the exhibition, will also make a brief presentation on other artists who have inspired her to look at scientific illustrations as inspiration for her own art practice.

Pre-registration and advanced payment is required to secure your slot. To register, please fill out registration form here.

And send filled out forms to or call 631-2417. Look for Thea or Yna.

Workshop fees*:
PHP 350 – Students, Members, Seniors
PHP 450 – Adults
*Advanced payment is required to secure your slot. Fees are inclusive of workshop materials.

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