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A Noble Harvest

The globalization of ever advancing technology for scholarship and entertainment offers the museum an exponential public in the new millennium. The museum’s management of cultural objects from Philippine heritage merits a continuing and deepening passion for knowledge that spans a lifetime, powerful exhibitions, inventive media collaborations, and contemporary interpretation.

Unflinching dedication to its cause of heritage advocacy strengthens and enriches the saplings and seeds of creativity and fancy, the bulbs and rhizomes of rationality and innovation that find their way to the Lopez Museum and Library’s cultural sanctuary. The museum and library are the boon from tending a carefully planted field of patriotic dreams and civic spirit, beckoning curiosity and tenacious learning. The Lopez Museum and Library awakens each generation to its inheritance of some of the best products in the field of humanities and the timeless promise that if one sows nobleness and excellence, that shall it reap.

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