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Exploring Conservation : In partnership with the Lopez Museum

Exploring Conservation : In partnership with the Lopez Museum
19 May 2018 l MCAD Multimedia room l 3.00pm


The Conservation Department is often described as the scientific arm of the museum, tasked with the restoration and long-term preservation of its priceless art and artefacts. It houses laboratories for documentation, analytical investigations of materials, and conservation treatments that allow conservators to better understand how artists or makers created their works, the work’s condition, and ways to treat them before carrying out treatment procedures. Art Conservator Margarita Villanueva of the Lopez Museum discusses the complex materiality of Pacita Abad’s trapunto paintings and the challenges and creative strategies involved in getting them fit for display. Join us at MCAD on Saturday, May 19, 3pm

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Also ongoing in the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design is “Pacita Abad: A Million Things To Say” exhibition done with the support of the Lopez Museum and Library, The Pacita Abad Art Estate, Fundacion Pacita and Cibo di Marghi Signature Caterering.