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The Given Order

Examining Faith

The Given Order brings together Jason Dy, S.J. and Anton del Castillo in a visual exploration of the different tangents of faith and tradition in our past and in our lives today.

Galo Ocampo. Crucifixion. 1984. Lopez Museum and Library Collection
Galo Ocampo. Crucifixion. 1984. Lopez Museum and Library Collection

Religion has been, and continuous to be, an all-encompassing influence in the lives of Filipinos. In Philippine history, its affect stretched beyond matters of faith and belief and permeated into secular and practical matters of the community and the individual. Religion as agent of social order and transformation is looked into by Fr. Dy, who uses art in conjunction with the spiritual life of communities he is connected with. While del Castillo’s works engage with the anxieties and violence in the perception and experience of the individual and collective faith.

The exhibition will also foreground pieces from the LML’s permanent collection including sketches and paintings by Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo, Ang Kiukok, Angelito Antonio, Jose Joya and Galo Ocampo. The Given Order is curated by Ricky Francisco.

The Given Order and What do I say to a Giant will run from 22 August – 29 November 2017 at the Lopez Museum and Library.

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