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Closing Pauses of Possibility

The Lopez Museum and Library would like to thank all our visitors of our first exhibition of the year, Pauses of Possibility. The exhibition featured works by four guest artists, Marina Cruz, Kara de Dios, Elaine Navas, and Pam Yan Santos. This exhibition showcased introspective pieces, the artist’s sharing memories and iterations of their lives into tangible pieces.



Throughout the exhibition run, guests were greeted by canvasses filled with children’s old garments, a towering card catalog cabinet, funeral bouquets, and an altar accented by mother of pearl shells and miniature ceramic masks– these sentiment and memory laden objects that are arguably familiar, yet still outside the realm of the audiences’ memory.


The works of the guest artists were supplemented by intimate archival materials drawn from the institution’s Rizaliana collection displayed alongside works by Juan Luna and Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo. The Lopez Museum and Library was able to showcase the works of Nena Saguil and Macario Vitalis, celebrating the lives of these artists whose canvasses are filled with the vibrancy of life lived outside their motherland.


A commonality is drawn – they are artists, practicing within the particularities of their present but with images that have inevitable links with the past. This is of course one of the premises of a Lopez Museum and Library show – that it must converse with the materials from the collection. With their nuanced perspectives as women, mothers, (grand)daughters, apprentice and confidante, they underscore moments of quiet and solace, moments we normally ignore, and bare their art to the public.


Pauses of Possibility told narratives within quiet spaces, where artist and viewer alike are given free reign for recollection and catharsis. Narratives encapsulated in the folds of baptismal dresses, within drawers marked with words, and expressed in large brushstrokes bared for the viewer to experience. With the prevalence of noise and aggression in today’s milieu, the practice of reflection is often neglected and relegated to a triviality. The exhibition aimed to allow the viewers to  pause and think about the human experience that renders us inhumane, indifferent and incapable of engaging in dialogue.

 The Lopez Museum and Library team would like to thank you for supporting our exhibitions. We hope to continuously create the exhibition that engage and encourage the audiences to look back, and to think critically of the present.


Watch out for our upcoming exhibition coming this August!