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Pauses of Possibility

20 February – 17 July 2017

Saguil, Nena. Fontainebleu. 1964. Oil on canvas. Lopez Museum and Library Collection.

Translating silence and memory

Observing the visual arts through an intimate vantage point, the Lopez Museum and Library ushers in its 2017 exhibition calendar with Pauses of Possibility. The upcoming exhibition presents pieces birthed out of personal narratives, amplified, and translated into large-scale works and tangible sculptural pieces.  Marina Cruz, Kara de Dios, Elaine Navas and Pam Yan Santos create works of introspection and memory.

What is the fate of art that speaks of specific narratives, situated in time and memory, and then bared to the public for viewing and interpretation?  From the exaggerated to the muted, Pauses of Possibility looks into the artist’s process when she chooses to construe her inward abstractions into a tangible iteration. Taking the Lopez Museum and Library’s collection of works by Nena Saguil, the exhibition looks closely at the scrutinized lives and works of artists. Memory becomes a shared experience; the diaristic is invaded by marginal notes of attempted discussion: the public struggling to empathize and remember back to a memory that was never theirs. Pauses of Possibility challenges the idea of reading art, how there is a sense of selfishness in translation: the artist evoking personal memory through her visual language only to have this broken down by the viewer’s personal terminologies dictated by his own memory.

Supplementing the works of the guest artists are pieces by Nena Saguil, Romeo Tabuena, Anita Magsaysay-Ho,  and Pacita Abad. Intimate archival materials drawn from the institution’s Rizaliana collection will be put on display alongsideworks by Juan Luna and Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo.

Pauses of Possibility amplifies the moments of quiet and introspection, the artist creating her work, the viewer posed in front of the painting. The exhibition attempts to prolong this silence suspended in time forcing the viewer to delay judgement, and to resist the demand of instant gratification that comes from understanding the work in its entirety. In the current reactive state of the world, the temptation of amplifying our public selves overpowers the gravity of introspection. Perhaps now more than ever, the practice of reflective quiet becomes a duty.

Pauses of Possibility opens to the public on 20 February and runs until 17 June 2017. For more information about the exhibit and the services of the Lopez Museum and Library, call (02) 631 2417 or email

About the Guest Artists

Marina Cruz graduated cum laude from the University of the Philippines. She was named as part of the 13 Artists Awardees in 2012 by the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Cruz was also the Grand Prize Winner of the Philippine Art Awards and of the Philip Morris Awards in 2008. She was awarded the Asian Fellowship Grant by the Freeman Foundation Vermont Studio Art Center in the USA, and the Residency Grant by the La Trobe Visual Arts Center in Australia. She has taken part in numerous exhibitions in Taipei, Paris, Germany, and the Philippines, to name a few.

Kara de Dios graduated from the University of the Philippines majoring in Visual Communication. She has done exhibitions for Art Kaohsiung in Taiwan, and several exhibitions for Galerie Stephanie in the Philippines. She also took part in Art Fair Tokyo in 2015. Her art form stretches from delicate sculptural pieces to acrylic and water colors works with women and their bodies as one of her main subject matters.

Elaine Navas graduated from the University of the Philippines. This Singapore-based Filipina artist has done solo exhibitions in Silverlens, Finale Art File, West Gallery, and Mo_Space. She has done group exhibitions the Cultural Center of the Philippines, and in the Gillman Barracks in Singapore. Navas is known for her expressive impasto works depicting objects that carry narratives.

Pam Yan Santos majored in Painting in the University of the Philippines. She was a recipient of the 13 Artist Awards in the Cultural Center of the Philippines in 2009 and won first place in the 1993 Artist Association of the Philippines Art Competition in the Print category. She created solo exhibitions at the BenCab Museum, Art Informal, the Tin-Aw Gallery, etc. She also took part in group exhibitions in the Gillman Barracks in Singapore, the Vargas Museum, in NuNu Fine Art in Tapei, Finale Art File, and the Metropolitan Museum of Manila.

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