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June Events at the Lopez Museum and Library

June Events at the Lopez Museum and Library

Rekindle the Filipino Spirit this June at the Lopez Museum and Library

This June comb through the rubble of war-torn Manila and uncover the lost art and architecture of the Philippines. Be serenaded by musical group, Viva Voce amidst Lunas and Hidalgos.

11 June, Saturday, 2 – 4PM – BURIED: Lost Art, Lost Architecture with Paulo Alcazaren
11 June Buried: Lost art Lost Architecture

Paulo Alcazaren, one of the country’s award-winning practicing architects and design consultants in urban design and landscape architecture, will be joining us for a lecture entitled BURIED: Lost Art, Lost Architecture on 11 June 2016, Saturday, 2 – 4PM.

There was a time when architecture was considered an art form, like that of sculpture, painting and performance, among others. Architecture in the Philippines was a reflection of our culture as well as our aspirations. Filipino architects collaborated with artists to imbue designed spaces and structures with thematic ornamentation, allegorical sculpture, along with reliefs and murals that continued the narrative of the architecture. Much of these structures that were a product of artistic collaboration were lost in the Second World War. Many that did survive are now facing a similar fate from the wrecking ball – this to make way for speculative office buildings or shopping complexes, where the only art is that of the bottom line.

The lecture will give examples of these structures and the various artworks found therein, as well as others that were recovered through the years. Barring their recovery, we may be doomed to buildings, landscapes and cities devoid of cultural soul, social meaning, and experiential delight. Inspiring renewed appreciation for Philippine art and architecture and forwarding advocacies on cultural heritage and preservation, Alcazaren will paint a context for recovering the lost art of architecture, and of architecture embedded with art.

PAULO ALCAZAREN is one of the country’s award-winning practicing architects and design consultants in urban design and landscape architecture. He has thirty years of combined experience and has worked on numerous projects in fourteen countries while he was based in Singapore for 12 years. He was an assistant professor at the University of the Philippines College of Architecture and continues to write for The Philippine Star with his column “City Sense”. At present, he is the principal architect of PGAA Creative Design Manila. He is an Alab ng Haraya awardee of the NCCA in 2000 and in 2015 he won the CCP Gawad para sa Sining award for architecture. His advocacies are in Heritage Conservation, green cities, and bringing back sidewalks, public open spaces and parks to our cities.

Ticket prices are as follows: Php 100 for students, seniors, and LML Members, Php200 for Adults.

Buried is co-presented by First Philippine Holdings and brought to you in part by Gourmet Farms, Inc.


18 June, Saturday2 – 3 PM– Musika sa Museo with Viva Voce

18 June Musika sa Museo

Enjoy an afternoon in the museum as music fills the galleries.  View the gems of the Lopez Museum and Library collection withMusika sa Museo with Viva Voce this coming June 18, Saturday 2 – 3 PM.

Musika sa Museo fuses the love for music and art appreciation through a unique museum experience. Viva Voce will put together a special medley in dialogue to the works of Juan Luna, Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo and other masters in the collection. After their performance, get the chance to go around the galleries and enjoy the works featured in the current exhibition Drawing the Lines.

Viva Voce is an ensemble of young classically trained vocal artists led by soprano-teacher Camille Lopez Molina and Pablo Molina with the main objective of training, helping and guiding young talented singers into world class artists and musicians.



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