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Ambeth Ocampo Lectures: Telembang! Pakakak! Buntut Pague!

28 May Ambeth Ocampo Lecture

Telembang! Pakakak! Buntut Pague! 

Dr. Ambeth Ocampo Lectures on the Rare Publications in the Lopez Library Collection

Dr. Ambeth Ocampo is on-board for two lectures at the Lopez Museum and Library this 2016. Specially crafted for the museum, the first one is in line with the current exhibition Drawing the Lines. Using the vast Lopez Library collection as his playground, Dr. Ambeth Ocampo looks at his illustrations and cartoons to retrace our national narrative.

Set your sights on rare publications that circulated during our colonial past through publications such as,Telembang , Pakakak , and Buntut Pague . Revisit illustrations and political cartoons that framed issues and events, iconic images and scenes that assert humor and wit describing the Filipino brand of social commentary.

Back then, political cartoonists were also the premiere painters of their time – allowing them to shuffle from one forma
t to another. Unknown works by Fernando Amorsolo and Jorge Pineda are culled from these pages, showcasing another segment of their art practice. Amorsolo, known for his genre and plein-air paintings, did a lot of graphic and illustrative works for publications, magazines and even text books. The serenity in his paintings run counter with his biting political cartoons for Vicente Sotto’s The Independent. Pineda on the other hand is credited for the salakot-clad Juan dela Cruz, our version of the acerbic and sharp-faced Uncle Sam.

With the proliferation of newspapers and other publications, artists were not only provided with an alternative means to make a living, but also a platform wherein they can speak about the socio-political travails of the time. Immortalized with bold headlines and hard-hitting columns, these cartoons will go down in history as instruments in Philippine reportage.

Telembang! Pakakak! Buntut Pague! will be held on 28 May 2016, Saturday from 2:00-4:00 PM at the Lopez Museum and Library. Ticket prices are as follows Php350 for Adults, Php250 for students, LML Museum Members, and seniors.

To reserve your slot, we require that you pay beforehand to ensure that you have seats on the day of the event. Slots are limited. Please email us at, or call us at 631-2417 for payment options. Look for Thea Garing or Yna Musico.