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May Events at the Lopez Museum and Library

May Events at the Lopez Museum and LibraryLOPEZ MUSEUM AND LIBRARY MAY CALENDAR

  • 7 May, Saturday, 2 – 4PM – Artist Talk with Jose Tence Ruiz and Neil Doloricon

7 May Artist Talk with Neil Doloricon and Jose Tence Ruiz

“The artist is a responsible being in the context of his time and place, as all men are.”

– H. Bénac, linguist.

Who are the authors of history? How is it remembered? During a time when social consciousness and relevance were entwined with artistic works, the nation’s story was told not only through the bold headlines of publications, but also in the striking images that complemented them. Writers and illustrators alike took on the responsibility of retelling a distinct story of a nation.


Neil Doloricon and Jose Tence Ruiz, guest artists in the Lopez Museum and Library’s current exhibition, Drawing the Lines, come together for an afternoon of discussion as they recount their art practices and their experiences as illustrators. As prolific cartoonists for the Manila Times and the Manila Chronicle, among others, they have created visual renditions of key events and issues in Philippine history.


Leonilo “Neil” Doloricon graduated from the University of the Philippines with a degree in Visual Communication and obtained his Master’s degree in Philippine Studies from the same university. Throughout his career as an artist, Doloricon focused on creating social realist works. Instead of romanticizing the grit, he highlighted the spirit and the vitality of the Filipino spirit. His works exposed issues through keen observation.  He dabbled into editorial cartoons even during his college days, working under the Philippine Collegian as a staff artist. He is currently a professor in the University of the Philippines.


Jose Tence Ruiz took two courses at the UST College of Fine Arts and Architecture, enrolling in BFA Advertising in 1973 and graduating with Honors with a BFA in Painting in 1979.  He was Editor-in-Chief of Vision Magazine in 1976. He did editorial illustrations for many Manila-based publications (Adarna Books, The Review, Who?, National Midweek, Business Page, The Manila Times, Philippine Panorama, The Manila Chronicle and Public Policy, among others) as well as The Singapore Straits Times and InterPressService Asia-Pacific. He was part of a curatorial project representing the Philippines at the 2015 Venice Biennial (56th Biennal de Venezia).


  • 14 May, SaturdayInternational Museums Day at the Lopez Museum and Library (Free admission)

 14 May International Museum Day at LML

As a means to increase public awareness on the role of museums in the development of modern society, the International Council of Museums (ICOM) established the International Museum Day in 1977.  Since then, museums all over the world have incorporated this event into their annual programming.


As this significant celebration turns 38 this year, “Museums and Cultural Landscapes” has been identified as its theme. According to the ICOM website, “…museums have a certain responsibility toward the landscapes in which they are located, to which they are able to bring their own specific knowledge and skills.”


Lopez Museum and Library joins in and celebrates the International Museum Day on May 14, with a free admission to the museum for the entire Saturday. Currently on show is the exhibition Drawing the Lines featuring Francisco Coching, Danilo Dalena, Neil Doloricon, E.Z. Izon, Dengcoy Miel, Jose Tence Ruiz and Pinggot Zulueta. Focused on political cartoons, the show sheds light on an artistic tradition that is intertwined with the lives of every Filipino. With the massive circulation of publications – newspapers in particular – these drawings and illustrations captured a distinct account of Philippine history.


Guests will have an opportunity to take part in hourly thematic tours of the exhibition. Schedule is as follows: (Morning tours) 9 AM and 10AM, and (Afternoon tours) 1PM, 2PM, 3PM and 4PM.


*Please note that the free admission does not cover library services.


  • 21 May, Saturday – Cinematheque Manila hosts Lopez Museum and Library’s REPLAY screenings of “Aparisyon” and “Dahling Nick” on 21 May

21 May Replay at Manila Cinematheque

On 21 May, Saturday, Lopez Museum and Library is invading Ermita, with back-to-back screenings of the films “Dahling Nick” (Sari Dalena) and “Aparisyon” at the Manila Cinematheque.


Following the donation of the heirs of Doña Narcisa de Leon of LVN Pictures Inc. of roughly over 200,000 photographs and stills of the films they produced, highlighting the art of filmmaking is an inevitable tangent of the museum’s programming.


Back in 2014, TRENTA: Young Independent Cinema showcased 30 shortfilm contributions from students, budding and more established filmmakers. Some of the shortfilms were works by film collective Tito and Tita (with John Torres and Shireen Seno as the group’s main movers), along with select entries from the 2013 CineKasimanwa: The Western Visayas Film Festival.  The following year, REPLAY was born.  Four full-length films from different Cinemalaya iterations were featured (Last Supper No.3, Mariquina, Ekstra and Debosyon).


Moving forward, the goal has been to explore partnerships with different institutions that can assist in this undertaking. In growing the program in a meaningful and more sustainable way, collaborations are integral especially in ensuring that the screening space also gives justice to the films. This year, Lopez Museum and Library brings together films that shed light into some of the most potent catalysts of the first EDSA Revolution: religion and literature. Manila Cinematheque, the 101-seater theater that recently opened to the public, graciously partnered with the museum to bring you this year’s REPLAY.
The films that will be screened are narratives that shed light into some of the most potent catalysts of the first EDSA Revolution: religion, and literature. The words of Nick Joaquin echoed by fellow literary giants permeate through the experimental biopic “Dahling Nick”, incorporating the language of Joaquin’s poetry and prose into the mix. “Aparisyon” draws in the viewers into the haunting psychological thriller set in the Martial Law period. The film follows the story of the Adoration Monastery’s brush with a bandit group, and how the violence took hold of the monastery.


  • 28 May, Saturday – Telembang! Pakakak! Buntut Pague! Cartoons as History and Social Commentary in the Lopez Museum and Library

28 May Ambeth Ocampo Lecture

Dr. Ambeth Ocampo is onboard for two lectures this year. Specially crafted for the Lopez Museum and Library, the first one is conjunction with Drawing the Lines.

Back then, political cartoonists were also the premiere painters of their time – allowing them to shuffle from one format to another. With the proliferation of newspapers and textbooks, among others, bountiful landscapes were met with the more graphic art forms and styles.  Aside from providing artists with an alternative means to make a living, it also became a platform for them to speak about the socio-political travails of the time.

Dr. Ocampo combs through the library materials of Lopez Museum to showcase numerous works by the two artists and share anecdotes on old newspaper publications that were instrumental in Philippine reportage.

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