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Lopez Museum and Library celebrates 56 years

56 Years
Lopez Museum and Library celebrates 56 years.

Every story has a beginning. Ours began with a man, Eugenio Lopez Sr., whose passion for Philippine history brought him all over the world in search for traces that will help weave our story.  His expeditions meant hunting for Filipiniana publications, meeting with and befriending antiquarian book dealers, searching for maps and the ever-elusive Doctrina Cristiana. Eugenio Lopez Sr. pieced together what would become one of the richest and most significant collections of Filipiniana material. It was a dream made tangible; one that he meant to share.

On February 13, 1960, the Lopez Museum and Library was officially inaugurated. Eugenio Lopez Sr.’s collection was housed in the four  floors of the Lancaster building. Lunas and Hidalgos filled the galleries while books inhabited shelves that lined the walls. It was, in Recto’s words, “a university without professors.”In 1986, another chapter of this institution brought it to its new home in the Benpres building. With an arsenal of Filipiniana titles, rarebooks, artworks by the Academics and the Moderns, a few contemporary art pieces, 14th and 15th century artifacts, Rizaliana and maps, the Lopez Museum and Library continues to move forward with historical continuity and prevailing relevance as guideposts.  With the Roberto M. Lopez Conservation Center, one of the leading art conservation laboratories in the country, Lopez Museum and Library is poised to learn and incorporate modern practices in preservation and conservation to ensure that this collection will continue to serve future generations.

It is a story still in progress; one that that cannot be told without looking back to its founders and their vision. As we continue to navigate through the 21st century, the Lopez Museum and Library would like to thank its audiences and supporters through the years. With curious and passionate minds, we hope to continue creating opportunities for meaningful dialogue and critical engagement. Cheers to 56 years of history, art and scholarship!