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Drawing the Lines



From striking depictions of personalities, to provocative illustrations of factions and even institutions, editorial or political cartoons have survived as an enduring art form that meshes representation, opinion and style of the artist.

Drawing the Lines reads beyond the occupied space of the political cartoon in tabloids, newspapers and news weeklies that employ them. The exhibition reevaluates the role and importance of this powerful medium in light of different contexts in Philippine history. What lies outside the drawn scenes are equally powerful as the illustrations they inspire.

Humor, fury, exaggeration and even the grotesque find their way into each drawing as artists position themselves as co-authors of history through illustrated media. “Drawing the Lines” features works of Francisco Coching, Danilo Dalena, Neil Doloricon, E.Z. Izon, Dengcoy Miel, Dante Perez, Jose Tence Ruiz, and Pinggot Zulueta.

Completing the exhibition are works from the permanent collection of the Lopez Museum and Library. Portraits by Juan Luna, Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo and Fernando Amorsolo will be featured, along with editorial cartoons by Liborio Gatbonton, illustrations of Vicente Manansala, as well as social realist and abstract works by Galo Ocampo, Cesar Legaspi, Onib Olmedo, Brenda Fajardo, among others. Archival materials of the Manila Chronicle and selections from other publications from the library holdings will also be featured in the exhibition.

Drawing the Lines runs from February 26 until July 8. For more information about the exhibit and the services of the Lopez Museum and Library, call (02) 631 2417 or email