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21 November—PANADERIA CHRONICLES with Jenny Orillos, Amy Uy and Wilson Flores


A two-year cross country search for varieties of bread, sifting through different panaderias and larger bakeries as well as a trail of records and documents from libraries such as the Lopez Library Collection resulted to a book authored by Jenny Orillos and Amy Uy. Published by Anvil Publishing Inc., Panaderia: Philippine Bread, Biscuit and Bakery Traditions was launched to the public this year.

As part of the Library Public Programs of the Lopez Museum and Library, the authors of the Panaderia will be having a lecture entitled Panaderia Chronicles followed by a book signing on November 21, Saturday, 2 to 5 pm.

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They will give a brief about the contents of the book highlighting the sections on panaderia and ensaymada, completed through research at the Lopez Library Collection. Aside from discussing them, these materials will also be on display during the lecture.

A project in partnership with Kamuning Bakery, its new owner, Wilson Lee Flores, will also be joining in the conversation. Opened in 1939, the famous bakery located in the street from where it was named after is considered the oldest bakery with an authentic pugon (wood-fire oven). Sharing stories about how his love for history and appreciation for food and its preparation resulted in his venture to provide a new lease on life to this institution, he will enrich the conversation about what he claims to be a living museum.

To complete the scrumptious afternoon, Kamuning Bakery will be bringing some of their well-loved breads. Anvil Publishing Inc. will also be bringing some of their food related titles that will be made available for purchase — perfect for those looking to check off items in their Christmas list.

This lecture is co-presented by Gourmet Farms Inc. Admission is at Php 200 for adults and Php 150 for students and museum members. For inquiries and reservations email or call at 631-2417.


The anchor of the talk is the book entitled “Panaderia: Philippine Bread, Biscuit and Bakery Traditions” authored by Jenny Orillos and Amy Uy.

“Panaderia” is a documentation of the stories behind the making of Philippine bread. The book follows the tale of the bread from bakery to dining table. It celebrates our tinapay (bread), tinapayan (bakery), and magtitinapay (baker). It leads us inside the panaderia or bakeshops from north to south of the Philippines, both traditional and new, tracing how time and the economy have changed the way the panadero baked our breads.

Read about the panaderia’s common features, layout, staffing, and how it functions on a daily basis. Learn how the wood-burning oven (pugon) developed in the hands of well-known makers. Make your own pan de sal, ensaymada, pan de coco, and other breads from the twenty recipes developed for baking at home.

Panaderia: Philippine Bread, Biscuit and Bakery Traditions is a must-have for the home baker, culinary student, and all who love to savor the treasures that a Filipino bakery has to offer.

*text from Anvil Publishing Inc. website.



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