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‘Newseum’ campaign buzzes with Jollibee • ‘Project Awesome Corner’ with Adarna House children’s books


The Newseum campaign– or new experience for kids at the museum— sets the ball in motion with a Jollibee Kiddie Party. Kids at selected branches will receive activity sheets featuring one of five masterpieces from participating museums. Each sheet enjoins kids to tap into their creativity by coloring in the line drawing version of the masterpiece. Another feature of the activity sheet is a coupon that allow him and a guardian free entry to any of the five museums. Once availed, the coupon will also entitle them a chance to win a gift certificate for a Jollibee Kiddie Party worth Php 6,000. Every month, one name will be drawn from each museum.

For Lopez Museum and Library, the giant mural located at the Benpres Building lobby was chosen. A familiar sight for employees, Rural Scene/Fiesta (1960) by artist Mauro “Malang” Santos work is filled with bright colors and interesting scenes typical of traditional barrio fiestas.

Every Saturday starting August, kids and their guardian with the coupons are welcome to view Malang’s mural up-close and a guided tour around the museum and the library. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Lopez Museum and Library partnered with Adarna House, Inc. to put together the Project Awesome Corner which features fifteen titles of well-loved and best-selling children’s books. Arts and crafts projects inspired by fiestas and festivals can also be made by kids with their parents.

Partner museums include Ayala Museum, Ateneo Art Gallery and Museo Pambata. Far Eastern University also signed in on the project.