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June 30 is Philippine-Spanish Friendship Day


Lopez_Museum_Cadiz_Constitution_of 1812_Bicentennial_Exhibit

Two GIF animations for Today’s Philippine-Spanish Friendship Day: Visuals from 2012 exhibit Liberal Streaks on the Bicentennial Celebration of the Cadiz Constitution of 1812 (La Pepa).

Malacañan Palace​: Today, June 30, we celebrate Philippine-Spanish Friendship Day which coincides with the anniversary of the Siege of Baler—a lengthy military operation of Filipino forces against the final holdout of Spanish troops in the Philippines who were garrisoned in the church of Baler, and which ended with Spanish capitulation. President Emilio Aguinaldo granted the survivors safe passage to Manila, en route to their return to Spain, as a tribute to the loyalty and gallantry they had displayed.

This act of chivalry and military honor would later form the basis for the promulgation of Philippine-Spanish Friendship Day, by virtue of Republic Act. No. 9187, s. 2002.