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For Sustainable Society: Youth Empowered by Museum and Museum empowered by the Youth


“The youth is the hope of our future”, this is the oft-quoted line by Dr. Jose Rizal. It always rings true, most importantly when the focus is on society and sustainability. A museum’s role in society is multifaceted, ultimately it serves as the window into society’s soul to paraphrase a certain saying. This kind of introspection is what art and creativity are for, it inspires and catalyzes the youth to become more proactive and productive members of society. If the youth is empowered positively by art and creativity after their visit to a museum, then the museum has done part of its job. And the cycle of inspiration, empowerment, and proactivity shall go on, empowering the citizens and sustaining society.

Thank you to the 250 plus people who celebrated the International Museum Day with us! Thank you also to the Orchestra of the Filipino Youth and the Ateneo Blue Symphony Orchestra for the wonderful performances. See you all again next year!