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Origins: The Glorious/Golden Sun of Manny Pacquiao’s Logo Brand | #OneForPacman


The fervent nationalism of international boxing icon Manny Pacquiao cannot be denied. Its very essence is visualized by his personal logo brand. Do you know the origins of its rising sun? The logo brand of Pacman is a worldwide meme, across the web it comes in various colors and configurations: the sun and three stars, this symbol which according to its designer, the First Philippine Republic President Emilio Aguinaldo, should always come together. The seals used by the governments of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo show the historic configurations of the sun and three stars.

Know more about the Symbols of the Philippines via the Official Gazette and the Presidential Museum and Library:

Araw ng Republikang Filipino, 1899

Origin of the Symbols of Our National Flag

Images Sources:, the Web, the Lopez Museum and Library