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The Disputed Scarborough Shoal in Historical Maps and Context for Common Ground Exhibit, On View Until March 30

Common Ground Exhibit (until March 30) highlights include Panacot Shoal (Scarborough Shoal) depicted in the “Mother of Philippine Maps” by Murillo-Velarde (1744), and as Basse de Marsingola ou Panacot by Jacques Nicolas Bellin (1752).

The exhibition Common Ground highlights 21 antiquarian maps from the Lopez Museum and Library collection. These ancient maps were drawn by Western cartographers. The exhibit is on view until March 30, 2015.

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Figure 1. Carte reduite des Isles Philippines pour server auz vaisseaux du RoyJacques Nicolas Bellin, Lithograph, 1752, Paris

One of the most detailed maps of the period, Bellin’s map includes the island of Panacot and names it as Basse de Marsingola ou Panacot. It is one of the maps produced for Prevost d’Exiles travel book, L’Histoire Generale des Voyages. The map is colored and adorned by a large rococo-style cartouche.

1 map on 2 sheets: Size: each sheet 21 ½” x 34 3/8” (BW); 21 ½” x 34” (Colored) In Bellin’s Hydrographie francoise. Reprinted in the Histoire generale des voyages. (Pardo Tavera)

Figure 2. Mapa de las yslas Philippinas – Murillo Velarde, Lithograph, 1744, Manila

Published in 1744 by the Jesuit Pedro Murillo Velarde, this map is the second and smaller edition of the oldest map that gives a name to Panacot shoal, the Carta Hydrographica Y Chorographica de las Yslas Filipinas, also known as the “mother of all Philippine maps.” Panacot is the Tagalog name for threat or danger. It is internationally known as the Scarborough Shoal.

Figure 1.


Figure 2.


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