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Alternative and Lost Histories: An Abridged History of Forgetting with Merv Espina, 29 November


An Abridged History of Forgetting with Merv Espina for Café of Letters: Reading Group No. 3, November 29, Saturday, 2 – 4PM.

Merv Espina looks at alternative and lost histories. Grounding the discussion on specific moments and fragments in Philippine art, among others, he underscores that history is more about narratives of complicity than full-proof infallibility. 

Judy Freya Sibayan’s “Performance” (Philippine Art Supplement, Vol. 2, No. 6, Nov-Dec 1981) juxtaposed with a recent video interview with Jose Tence Ruiz (by Con Cabrera for her upcoming White Noise exhibition) are references for the discussion.

Registration fee is P135 (P115 for students and members of the museum’s membership program). It comes with a free admission and guided tour of the current exhibition. Gourmet Farms Inc. will serve freshly brewed coffee during the event. 

Limited slots.  For registration and more information about the event, call Thea Garing/Tina Modrigo at 631-2417 or email