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Café of Letters: #thirdworldcuratorial with Sidd Perez


Lopez Museum and Library continues to celebrate Museums and Galleries Month with Café of Letters.

Sidd Perez will join us again tomorrow, October 25, Saturday, 2 – 4PM for a reading group discussion entitled #thirdworldcuratorial. Perez is the co-curator of the current exhibition “Articles of Disagreements”.

For the discussion, young artists, curators and other art practitioners will join her as she talks about current practices, issues and developments in the curatorial field both here and in the region.

Gourmet Farms Inc. will also serve freshly brewed coffee at the Reading Lab.

The event is FREE to the public. Limited slots only.

For more information and to register, call Tina Modrigo / Thea Garing at
631-2417 or email