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An Adventure Awaits on October 23 and 25! Celebrate Museums & Galleries Month with Us


Celebrate Museums and Galleries Month at the Lopez Museum with curator Sidd Perez.

This October, in celebration of Museums and Galleries Month in the Philippines, the Lopez Museum and Library invites you to spend two learning afternoons with Sidd Perez, free of charge.

Perez, co-curator of the current exhibition Articles of Disagreements will conduct a walk-through on October 23 (Thursday) as well as lead a discussion on October 25 (Saturday). Both events are from 2 to 4 pm.

In describing her curatorial objective at Lopez Museum, Perez said, “There are a lot of questions if art criticism exists in Philippine art history. We [with co-curator Lian Ladia] gathered text that pertains to art criticism and art language and put together not just academic texts but also scrapbooks, poetry, sculptures, photographs of archives of previous CCP directors and documentation of performances of Asia Pacific biennale. We’re trying to map all of these connections to Filipino art practice in the wider regional field.”

At the Thursday walk-through, Perez will discuss the selected artworks from the Lopez Museum collection, in particular, the masters Luna and Hidalgo and the moderns that were assembled together with the four leading conceptual artists – Nilo Ilarde, Maria Cruz, Buen Calubayan and collective of young filmmakers, Tito and Tita.

On Saturday, Perez will lead the reading group discussion called #thirdworldcuratorial at the Reading Lab. Young artists, curators and other art practitioners join her. The Reading Lab is a venue where digitized readings have been reproduced to footnote the works of the current exhibit.

Gourmet Coffee will serve freshly brewed coffee on both dates. Limited slots. To register, call Tina or Thea at 631-2417.