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Text Swaps—from your personal library to shared institutional archive


In Articles of Disagreements’ TEXT SWAP, guests are invited to bring in their USBs and contribute digital copies of art-related texts from their personal libraries by uploading them into the stationed computer, which serves as a repository of the living archive. They can also browse the donated materials and copy the files that piqued their interest. Throughout the run of the exhibit, materials will be gathered through the active involvement of the audience. Later on, the archive will be made available in the library for researchers on art criticism and art writing.

1. Bring in a USB with your text donations.
2. Click on the “Text Swap” folder.
3. Create a new folder. Use your surname as folder name.
4. Upload your text donations.
5. You may browse other donated folders and download them into your USB.
6. Fill in the information log.

For information, call Thea Garing / Cristina Modrigo at 631-2417 or email