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On the Centenary of the Great War and #Complicated Exhibit On View Until 2 August


The Great War at 100: July 28, 1914, one hundred years ago today, the opening shots of World War I were fired. The Free Press Editorial of 28 May 1932 mused about post-World War I disillusionment and the question of Philippine Independence.

Complicated Exhibit is on view until 2 August 2014. Call us at 6312417 for inquiries.

“West Now On Trial Before East, Occidental Losing Prestige and Falling Fast in Estimation of Oriental Peoples—Great War Largely Responsible for Disillusionment–Should America Cut Philippines Adrift Would Be Forever Damned in Oriental Eyes”

With a most curious logic, the American-owned Free Press argued that granting the Philippines its independence would be a bloody blow to America’s prestige in Asia. When this cartoon was published in May 1932, the threat of Philippine independence was coming over the horizon. The U.S. Democratic Party, traditionally pro-independence, was taking office in Washington, D.C. and Philippine missions were guaranteed a favorable reception. — from the book Philippine Cartoons. For research at Lopez Library call 6312425.




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