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Inspiring Museum Internship Story: Rissa Lucero

Rissa Lucero: I like art history and swordfighting. Ithaca is my ultimate goal. #UPFight!
Rissa Lucero: I like art history and swordfighting. Ithaca is my ultimate goal. #UPFight!

Our recent museum Rissa Lucero writes in her blog Rissulu,

It’s really difficult to fully sum up the whole experience and articulate it because in the official 204 hours (++ pa!) I clocked in as an intern, I was able to do and learn a lot. But the best thing I can probably say is that the experience was both educational and fulfilling.

During the last few months, I was able to put into good use what I’ve been learning in my classes and what I’ve picked up while working in an organization. I also learned a lot and was given the opportunity to see how a museum would function. It was a great experience–something like watching a dance production backstage.

As an intern, I did various tasks in order to help the museum with its PR & Marketing (as it was the department I applied for). 

Museum people are always known to possess all the feels, as kids are wont to say nowadays. But unlike our artistic counterparts in the theatre who are wished by all to “break a leg” in all performances (ironically a wish good luck), museum people are expected to not break anything, and to clock in more hours conceptualizing, researching, curating and implementing art exhibitions. We are a hardy bunch, not unlike our recent intern Ms. Rissa Lucero, she who answered our summer internship call for the Few, the Proud, and the Imaginative (View the Gallery).

Read her experience at the Lopez Museum and Library and be inspired! Good luck on your next endeavors, Rissa…and break a leg!




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