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Complicated: Filipino-American Symbols

#ObamainPHL #ObamainPH Fernando Amorsolo’s Study of Filipino-American Symbols. Graphite. From the book Amorsolo Drawings by Rod Paras-Perez. Benpres Publishing. 

On View: COMPLICATED: Dissecting the Philippines and its colonial past. The exhibition situates the post-colonial critiques presented by the oeuvre of guest visual artists, Leslie de Chavez and Mike Adrao, along with dancer and choreographer Ea Torrado, the many upheavals of Philippine history represented in the archival, library, and art collections of the Lopez Memorial Museum and Library. Focusing on the complicated relationship of the Philippines with its colonial pasts, the exhibit will problematize the notion that identity is both a product of our post-colonial circumstance and the discourse of nationhood.

The ouvre of Dr. Rod Paras-Perez is our featured Library exhibition, on view until 31 May: CONTEXT: ROD PARAS-PEREZ Art Historian, Critic and Writer

The book can be borrowed via our Lopez Library Lending Program, please call 6312425 for details or go to our website for more info:


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