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In Commemoration of the 80th Birthday of ROD PARAS-PEREZ. The Lopez Museum and Library pays homage to his contributions to Philippine art history and criticism through an exhibition of his selected scholarly writings and publications. 07 April to 10 May 2014.

Art Historian and Critic Rod Paras-Perez and the Lopez Museum and Library: IN CONTEXT

I had written books on Filipino painters published by the Eugenio Lopez Foundation, Inc, some came before and others after I had been taken in as Consultant. During the late 1980s, the museum had started acquiring works in response to the need to fill in some gaps in the collection. My role as consultant was to look into the authenticity of the works being considered as well as to determine their importance. The opportunities provided by the museum has enabled me to consider different aspects of a work of art, leading to a greater appreciation of the work and realization of how much more work there is to do in creating greater awareness of such heritage, which the museum has undertaken.

Quote taken from the book Unfolding Half A Century: Lopez Memorial Museum and Library, 2009

Rod. Paras-Perez is a printmaker and art historian. He has written Amorsolo Drawings, Fernando Zobel, Sanso: Art Quest Between Two Worlds, and Manansala Nudes for the Eugenio Lopez Foundation.


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