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28th Anniversary EDSA People Power

Isapuso, Isaisip, Isabuhay at Ipaglaban ang mga Aral, Kasaysayan at Karanasan ng 1986 EDSA People Power.

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Legacy of #EDSA28: “The challenge for our post EDSA generations is how to recapture the selflessness and unity that made our People Power revolution possible. The freedom we now enjoy is sweet but fragile. Nurturing it each day is the only way to ensure that it stays there for you and your children and grandchildren to enjoy.” – Amb. Manuel M. Lopez

#EDSA28 For our introspection, a remembrance shared by Amb. Manuel M. Lopez: “As we commemorate the 28th Anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution, ask yourselves: how can you make a difference and do justice to the sacrifices of those who made EDSA 86 possible?”

Lopezlink: Let us give and do justice to the history that was made 28 years ago today, Kapamilya! Message to employees here.


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