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Japonisme and Girlfriends

The middle to late 19th century was the height of Japonisme. In 1887 Vincent van Gogh painted La courtisane (after Eisen), and in 1888 Jose Rizal sketched this elegant Japanese kimono. This is likely O-Sei-San [Seiko Usui], a young woman belonging to a daimyo (feudal or landowning) family and with whom Rizal spent a “beautiful golden month.”

Our generation’s “Japonisme” became in turn anime and manga. And for your #throwbackthursday. We leave you this verse from Borutesu Faibu,

Nigiri au tagai no te to te
Magokoro wo shinjiau

Take hold of each other’s hands
Believe in each other’s sincerity

Japonism (from the French Japonisme, first used in 1872) is the influence of the Japanese art, culture, and aesthetics.


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