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The Jesuits’ 200th Year

The Atlantic wrote, ‘2014 marks 200 years since the Jesuits were welcome back into the Church.’

Nearly a year ago, Jorge Mario Bergoglio became the world’s first Jesuit pope. This was an unlikely choice: In the final stage of their vows, the order’s priests promise never to strive for higher office within the Catholic Church or their community. The order’s founder, Ignatius of Loyola, was also opposed to Jesuits becoming bishops—and now a Jesuit is the bishop of Rome.

Pope Francis’s election is ironic for another reason: The Jesuits were once kicked out of the Church. This year marks the 200th anniversary of the order’s return to the Church, orchestrated by Pope Pius VII in 1814.

The Lopez Library houses rare artifacts from the Jesuit order’s fall and redemption in the Philippines, including the one above:

Fr. Pedro Chirino, S.J. Relacion de las Islas Filipinas… (1604), a much-used primary source for the study of early Filipino beliefs, customs, and practices. Mastery of the vernacular proved the most effective method in the evangelization of the populace.

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