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1609 Book Frontispiece

Juxtaposed: 1609 book frontispiece detail and the pageantry of Ati-Atihan Festival.

On the left is how the Spaniards imagined the personification of prosperity and exoticness of the East Indies, the right image captures the festive costume of a young Ati-Atihan reveler.

Rare Book from the Lopez Library Collection: Leonardo de Argensola’s Conquista de las Islas Malucas (1609). 

“Of 450 seamen who joined Ferdinand Magellan’s expedition on September 20, 1519, only 18 survived the perilous voyage across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans via the Philippines and back to Spain. Among those who arrived at San Lucar on board the Victoria on September 6, 1522 were Captain Juan Sebastian El Cano, chronicler Antonio Pigafetta, and pilot Francisco Albo.”

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