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Rizal Day 2013: Lopez Museum visits Biñan, Laguna

HERITAGE: Lopez Museum visits the Rizal Monument in Biñan, Laguna, and looks at the demolished state of the historical Alberto House located behind it.

Jose Rizal Monument – this monument is considered as one of the oldest monument of Rizal in Laguna. This is one of the tallest Rizal monument not only in Laguna but the rest of the country. The monument was finished on  May 18, 1914 under the term of Mayor Agustin Gana and was supervised by G. Jose M. Rizal a relative of the National Hero. The project back then only cost the city government Php 4,000 to construct  . The iron grill fences were were later added on December 29, 1950 during the incumbency of Mayor  Jesus M. Garcia (1952-1959).  The Yuchengco Group of Company or YGC  had sponsored the re-painting and minor renovation of the monument that is located within the heart of the town plaza.

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