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Happy Book Lovers Day! Be a Lopez Museum & Library Member Today.

Happy #BookLoversDay! The book Felix Hidalgo & The Generation of 1872 by Alfredo R. Roces is just one of the cool books you can borrow via Lopez Museum and Library’s Membership Program.

Book Description: On Occasion, an artist becomes a character on stage caught up in the rush of events during which a chapter in the history of a nation is played out. Felix Resurreccion was one such artist. Born in Binondo, Manila in 1853, young Felix was a victim of events that culminated in the purge against Reformists in 1872, and as well an active participant in the Nationalist ferment generated by young Ilustrados who gained their tertiary education in Europe in the 1880s. Among his close friends were national martyr José Rizal and the fiery painter Juan Luna. Contrary to current attitudes of contemporary historians who popularized the theory that the Ilustrado “betrayed” the nation to preserve their material status and that the masses were the only true patriots, painter-writer Alfredo Roces presents historical evidence to the contrary. He pieces together narratives of the Ilustrado, shaped by the trauma of 1872, as patriot and nationalist.

The application for the library lending program is included in the LOPEZ MUSEUM & LIBRARY MEMBERSHIP FORM: Download Link (PDF)

For any questions contact us at 631-2417 / 631-2425

The following policy governs the lending procedures of the Lopez Museum & Library:

(1) Borrowing privileges are limited to Lopez Museum and Library Members.

(2) No more than two books may be loaned out to a Member at any given time. The Lopez Museum & Library will keep records of all such loans.

(3) Members who borrow materials from the library accept the responsibility for using these materials with reasonable care returning these to the Lopez Museum & Library according to established loan policies and not losing or damaging any of these materials through negligence.

(4) Failure to comply with the policy can result in suspension of some or all membership privileges.

(5) If a Member does not return the borrowed book/s within the specified time frame, a written notice will be sent to the Member as a reminder, followed by a phone call.

(6) If the book is not returned within a reasonable time following the written and verbal notices, a bill will be sent to the Member for payment of the full cost of the book/s.

(7) The Member should notify the Lopez Museum and Library of any changes in address and contact number/s.


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