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Lopez Museum and Library on ‘The Filipino Spirit is Waterproof’

At the height of Typhoon Gener in 2012, a call to social media arms was made to lift the spirits of Filipinos amidst the calamity, we responded with a graphic meme based on the strong character exemplified by Dr. Jose Rizal.

The graphic design and meme is currently featured in a disaster mitigation, relief, and response exhibit in Kobe, Japan. Our compatriots at Ayala Museum heralded this effort. 

The Filipino Spirit is Waterproof exhibit at KIITO in Kobe, Japan: Ayala Museum’s The Filipino Spirit is Waterproof graphic design campaign was selected to be part of the Earth Manual Project, an exhibition featuring creative projects for disaster mitigation, relief, and response. The exhibition was held at the Design and Creative Center (KIITO) in Kobe, Japan as part of the 2013 Kobe Biennale. Curated by Hirakazu Nagata, the exhibition will run from October 4 – 24 2013.


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