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Day 1 of Poetry of Stars (August 15, 2013)

Poetry of Stars: An Overview of Astrology in the Philippines (August 15-17)

On August 15 talks were led by the members of Astrology Friends Philippines, a group for Filipinos keen on learning astrology. At 1:30 PM: Imelda Morales on Serafin Lanot and his influence on the development of astrology in the Philippines; Kris Lacaba, Nerisa Guevarra, and other poets – Poetry reading of Lanot’s works; Marra Lanot and Ofel Santos – Living and learning with Lanot.

Poetry of Stars is a historical overview of the beginning and development of Philippine Astrology. Encompassing pre-colonial, colonial, and modern astrological practices, the exhibition aims to help visitors understand how natural phenomena such as seasons, phases of the moon, movement of stars, and other celestial activities have directed the decision-making of Filipinos for centuries.

The exhibition features books on astrology from the library collection, an artwork by National Artist Jose Joya, Kalendaryong Pilipino, along with some personal items of poet, journalist, publisher, and astrologer Serafin Lanot, whose birth centennial is also celebrated this month.


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