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Blogging Grounded!

Check out these wonderful blogs and their take on the ongoing museal neurosis that is Grounded exhibit: Ay Lin, Jay L Santiago Aquino, Marjorie Pineda Uy, and Alwin Aguirre.

Ay Lin (Thedailyposh): Lopez Museum & Library: Grounded – A Museal Nuerosis, Beyond Passion and Arts

Jay L Santiago Aquino: my first time at Lopez Museum and Library read more at

Marjorie Pineda Uy: Lopez Museum and Library is a place where art moves or makes one react to, perhaps it could be dramatic or silently influencing you.

Alwin Aguirre: sometimes we feel that God is playing with our fate. Toym Imao’s installation art reflects on that thought. More beautiful works of art at GROUNDED Art Exhibit at the Lopez Museum and Library.


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