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Homo Herbolario: Filipino Herbal Medicine and Traditional Healing Practices. 9 February 2013

Join the Lopez Museum and Library, in collaboration with the Philippine Society for Medieval Studies, on Saturday, 09 February, from 2-4 pm as Dr. Isidro Sia explores various herbal medicines widely used in the Philippines in a lecture entitled Filipino Herbal Medicine and Traditional Healing Practices. Dr. Sia will also discuss traditional healing practices both from an anthropological and medical standpoint.

Dr. Isidro Sia, currently the Director of the Institute of Herbal Medicine, National Institutes of Health in UP Manila, has worked with both local and international government and non-governmental organizations such as the Department of Health, Bureau of Food and Drugs, World Health Organization, and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. He earned his bachelor’s degree and Ph.D. in medicine from UP, where he also currently teaches, and his Ph.D. in Philosophy from Kobe University School of Medicine.

To supplement the lecture, the museum will also feature its collection of works by Fr. Manuel Blanco, O.S.A. Flora de Filipinas published in 1837. A pioneering scientific work, it not only described the taxonomic properties of each of the 903 plants, but also their economic and medicinal properties. The body of work is also considered a masterpiece of art as it was illustrated by the period’s eminent artists such as Lorenzo Guerrero and Felix Pardo de Tavera.


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