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Isang Maligayang Pasko at Manigong Bagong Taon Mga Kapamilya

The LOPEZ MUSEUM & LIBRARY will be closed to the public from 22 December to 01 January. Regular operations will resume on 02 January 2013.

And for your education and enjoyment catch up on our Advent Calendar: Art, Christmas Traditions and Social Good
24. Christmas Origins: Comparative Religion and Myth
23. Origin of the Nativity of Christ Tableau – From the Life of St. Francis of Assisi
22. The Winter Solstice has started – A Christmas Tree by Dr. Jose Rizal
      [Animated GIF] Based on the Andersen Fairy Tale.
21. A Doomsday Special: Imagery of the Virgin of the Apocalypse
20. Naturalism of the Christ Child | The Christ Child in Renaissance and Baroque Art
19. Dr. Jose Rizal’s Cumaean Sibyl and her prophesy of the Messiah
18. On Reproductive Health Law | Nineteenth Century Perspective on the Filipina:
      Native Woman And Her Son (Madonna)
17. In Celebration of Nonito Donaire’s Victory: ‘Boxing Will Extirpate
      The Cockpit Evil’ [The Independent, Editorial 3 September 1921]
16. Christmas Dreams of the Least Fortunate [Editorial Cartoon 1937]
      How to Donate to Sagip Kapamilya 
15. Sin Tax Reform Bill we present: “Sin Tax Tales: Lighting Tobacco From
      Lighted Candle Taboo”
14. A Kenkoy and Rosing Kind of Christmas and New Year  
      Sunday Times Magazine January 10, 1954
13. ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’: England, Sixteenth Century
       Detail of Kalendaryong Filipino by Jose Joya (1973)
12. A Look Back at Lopez Museum: Unfolding Half A Century [YouTube]

11. Haranang Pamasko: Christmas cheer at its gayest mood
       Sunday Times Magazine, 1948
10. Ilustrados and the Treaty of Paris 1898
09. Give a gift that comes from your heart — and art.
       Products from the Lopez Museum & Library
08. Art as Religious Studies: Immaculate Conception. 
07. Silent Night, City Lights (Asia and Australia)
       via NASA-NOAA Suomi NPP Satellite.
06. Today is the Feast Day of St. Nicholas aka Santa Claus.
05. St. Isidore of Seville, Patron Saint of the Internet
04. The spiritual symbolism of candle | Romeo Tabuena. Candle Vendors (1951)
03. Contemplating Reproductive Health Bill and the Teachings of the Katipunan
02. Pegasus: symbol of wisdom and poetry.
       Jerry Elizalde Navarro’s Untitled (1975) Mixed 
01. Alegoria de la Noche-Buena (Allegory of Christmas Eve Celebration)
by Felix Martinez, 1892. La Ilustracion Filipina