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Today in History: Aug. 13, 1898: Mock Battle of Manila

Here presented is a mock battle video by Thomas Edison Films in 1899 to parallel the mock battle that happened the year before. The paradox that was history. 

Mock Battle of Manila

The Battle of Manila was a short land engagement between the United States and Spain at the end of the Spanish–American War, which occurred a couple of months after the pivotal Ameri
can victory during the naval Battle of Manila Bay. The battle was jointly planned by the opposing Spanish and American forces to keep the city from falling to the large army of Filipinos under Emilio Aguinaldo.

VIDEO: Philippine American War, 1899-1902–Trench warfare.
Video: Thomas A. Edison; 5 June 1899

From Edison films catalog: Our troops have driven the Filipinos out of the trenches, and, after firing one or two volleys, press on in pursuit. The enemy returns the fire and the forward rush is marked by a trail of dead and wounded. Following close behind is the hospital corps. Stretchers are quickly brought out and the nurses tenderly care for the fallen and carry them to the rear. 65 feet.