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Fundamentals of Materials: Wood

As a medium for the arts, wood has been used in sculpture, prints, musical instruments and architecture. In the Philippines, the availability of wood has given rise to different traditions of sculpture and vernacular architecture. Samples of these are seen in situ and in museums and other collections. While durable, wood is nevertheless subject to deterioration like most materials.

As part of its lecture series on materials, the Lopez Memorial Museum has invited  Mr Cheek Sangalang Fadriquela,  and Prof Rosalie Maningas Calapis of UPLB  to speak about wood. The Fundamentals of Materials: Wood will dwell on the structure of wood, wood identification, physical and chemical properties of wood, and the wooden cultural heritage in the Philippines. The one-day seminar is set for, June 21, Thursaday, 8:30 am to 5 pm.

Conservation Research Laboratory states that successful conservation of wooden artifacts is dependent on knowledge of wood structure and types. Prof Calapis who is assistant professor at the College of Forestry and Natural Resources of UP Los Banos will discuss wood identification while Mr Fadriquela will focus on the other topics. The seminar hopes to give the public a better understanding of the material they work with, display and store, collect and use.