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On May 6, 2012 We Commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the Fall of Corregidor

Below is the Last Broadcast of Corregidor

In the year 1941 and ’42 in the small island of Corregidor, 13,000 US and Filipino troops fought together against the Imperial Japanese forces. The battle lasted for months, from December to April 1942. The defenders fought valiantly and with great ferocity that the casualties of the more well-equipped, better supported in air and sea Japanese forces drastically mounted. Corregidor was the last stand of the Allies in the Philippines and the whole of Asia.

Ultimately the defense was weakened as more and more Japanese troops arrive and the defenders’ casualties begin to rise. Lack of reinforcements further broke the will to fight on as the enemy drew closer.

This morse code broadcast is made by an American soldier Irving Strobing who took the time to spread the information of their final moments in defending “The Rock”. It was transcribed in Hawaii by Sgt. Arnold Lappert.

There’s been a confusion in Strobing’s rank, whether he is a lieutenant, sergeant, corporal, a private or an Army Signal Corps radioman. By the fall of Corregidor, and during this transmission, Strobing was likely a private and a radio operator.