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The New Archbishop of Manila: "Bishop of the Poor"

From the Blog:


Man of the Poor, Successor of Sin: B16’s Thrilla for Manila

Home to 3 million Catholics in a country where four-fifths of its 88 million residents belong to the fold, one would have a hard time thinking of a more influential Asian diocese than that of Manila.

Yet with the Filipino church currently embroiled in two political storms which have severely tested its storied clout, the Pope yesterday chose a tricycling, stage-singing theologian who takes questions over YouTube as the capital’s next archbishop…

…and one so young he could reign for a quarter-century.

All of 54, Luis Antonio Tagle (left) represents a dramatic generational shift from his now-predecessor, 79 year-old Cardinal Gaudencio Rosales. And as soon as late next year — by which point the Philippines’ traditional group of papal electors will all have aged out of a hypothetical conclave — the prelate widely seen as a “Bishop of the Poor” is likely to become the youngest Latin-church member of the scarlet-clad College that’ll elect B16’s successor.