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‘Points of Access’ reintroduces Zero In

PREPARATIONS are under way for the 10th anniversary of the Zero In consortium, a group composed of five private museums—Lopez Memorial Museum, Ateneo Art Gallery, Ayala Museum, Bahay Tsinoy and Museo Pambata.

On November 4, the Zero In consortium takes over the 2/F gallery in Greenbelt 5 to unveil Points of Access. To be hosted by artist Carlos Celdran, the exhibition features five door frames that border spaces enhanced to recreate aspects of each museum.

Points of Access is open to the public from November 5-10, 2010. It highlights the individual abilities of each member museum and the cumulative strength of the group.

A “consortium map” detailing the locations of each member museum and information about them will also be launched on November 4, 5:30pm.

Lopez Memorial Museum will feature light boxes and images from its previous exhibitions and its upcoming one. A Chinese couplet will greet visitors as they go through Bahay Tsinoy’s 15 drawers with items representing different eras of Chinese life in the Philippines. Museo Pambata will have a kulintang set, malong and the Pangalay zoetrope which, in keeping with the museum’s interactive nature, may be tried out by guests.

There will also be a head door frame to reintroduce the consortium as it metaphorically reiterates its commitment to Zero In’s collective desire to open up their spaces and invoke broadened perspectives to the role of cultural institutions. For more info, contact Fanny at 631-2417.