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At the Lopez Museum on June 4: Turn garbage into plastic totes

At the Lopez Museum on June 4: Turn garbage into plastic totes

In celebration of World Environment Day, visual artist and environmentalist Ann Wizer returns to the Lopez Museum on June 4 to conduct an Art Workshop on how to covert trash into useful objects at 10am.

Wizer has been teaching marginalized urban women to create art and fashion from trash. The organization called Invisible Sisters, now 150 guild strong, is armed with nothing more than crochet hooks where they transform waste products such as computer wires, hard drives, motherboards, cassette and video tapes into bags and other useful creations.

Invisible Sisters aims to help reduce waste, raise environmental consciousness, reduce poverty, and develop superior designs that will allow their products to compete in a saturated marketplace.

Wizer, whose Extra ORDINARY was one of the highlights of the museum’s Threads: The Museum as Site for the Weaving of Tales anniversary exhibit in February, calls her project “simple problem solving”: connecting the dots requiring skills and imagination resulting in new possibilities to create something from “nothing.”

“As an artist, I examine all kinds of materials for their properties, resilience, inner stories. In doing so, I have chosen to work with debris,” Wizer said. “If you listen, trash speaks of our values; each object and substance speaks of its origin. We need to listen, as our landfills, which have exceeded their capacities thousands of times over, have become virtual cities unto themselves.”

In addition to the workshop, products made by Wizer and the Invisible Sisters, will be sold as part of the 2010 Earth Day Recyclable Collection event at the parking lot of Benpres Building on June 4. The one-day event will have eco-products for sale, an Earth Day logo-making contest and converts trash for cash.

Slots are limited for the 10am Art Workshop. Individuals interested to join must pre-register by calling Fanny or Jane at 631-2417.