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An Undaunted Tribute to the Chairman

An Undaunted Tribute to the Chairman: “Material wealth should never enslave a man but a man should be its master to better serve his fellowmen.”

Undaunted we stand WHAT do you get when you distill the essence, the life of a man— a patriarch and pillar of business, historian and scholar—into one and a half hours of song and dance numbers by turns poignant, touching and rousing?

“Undaunted,” staged at the Meralco Theater on April 23-24, 2010, was one of the highlights of the 80th birthday celebration of Lopez Group chairman Oscar M. Lopez (OML).

“Undaunted” is a two-part musicale told from the viewpoint of the Lopez Group chairman. It traces the fortunes of the Lopez family and the genesis of the Lopez values—a pioneering entrepreneurial spirit, business excellence, nationalism, team work, strong work ethic, integrity, social justice, and concern for employee welfare and wellness—as articulated by Eugenio “Eñing” Lopez Sr.

“The Lopezes have such a rich history and legacy that every Filipino should be allowed to see, and to see it in a dramatic manner,” “Undaunted” executive producer Alvin Trono said. “It’s something I will really remember just because it’s something I believe in,” he said of “Undaunted.” “It’s not just a project—it’s seeing and feeling and experiencing their lives despite adversities and how they rise from that. That’s very admirable and that is the human story. That makes it something memorable.”

This article is originally featured in Lopezlink website: Undaunted we stand