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On Exhibit: Deleted Scenes at the Lopez Museum

From the notes of curator, Eileen Legaspi Ramirez:
This exhibition quite simply began with a question: what do I not know? Or what do I stumble upon just on the perchance that I have the time (and certainly the interest) to spare to look up what has been intentionally left out from what will get to me?
In our desperate attempts to wade through the overwhelming amounts of pre-digested information, miscellaneous factoids, and random sets of triggers directed to maneuver us toward particular ways of thinking, feeling, and doing, we far too often forget the tremendous amount of calculated sifting, trashing, and stitching that has transpired behind the slick, packaged versions of the real that finally land within our purview.

Deleted Scenes modestly explores such omissions both in pictorial and literary accounts of national history as well as in purported narratives hinged on representation that a museum such as the Lopez hesitatingly but unavoidingly lays out.

In the end, the intention is to summon the museum’s potential as an enabling place—where the visitor-viewer is engaged in a possibly too subtle mimicry of choose-your-own-ending flicks and pop reads. That is, by laying out at least a smattering of what was initially hidden or covered over, the individual thinking agent is prompted to ask: now that I do know, how will it play out because of my knowing, and hopefully…doing.
With works by: Lyle Buencamino, Dada Docot, Sari Dalena, and Al Manriquez

Resource Links:

Sari Dalena’s and Camilla Griggers’ Memories of a Forgotten War
Exhibit runs from November 12, 2009 to January 9, 2010