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Artist in Conversation: Agnes Arellano and Alice Guillermo

Sculptor Agnes Arellano and art critic and historian Dr. Alice Guillermo engage one another in conversation about art and other matters on February 21, 2009 (Saturday) from 2-4pm. The conversation of the artist, critic and the audience will delve into “the sacred and the mythical, the physical and the erotic, the magical and the mundane, the religious and the profane, and music and song,” as Dr. Guillermo wrote in her most recent book “Inscapes, The Art of Agnes Arellano.”

Agnes Arellano’s work Angel of Death and Bronze Bullets is featured in the ongoing exhibition “Keeping the Faith: Acts of Mediation” at the Lopez Memorial Museum

Guillermo is one of the first people to follow the career of Arellano.

Arellano’s ”Angel of Death and Bronze Bullets” is part of the ongoing exhibit Keeping the Faith: Acts of Meidation. The exhibit which will run until April 4, 2009, features the works of contemporary artist Kiri Dalena, filmmakers Egay Navarro and Rica Concepcion, sculptor Arellano alongside the works of Juan Luna and Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo, Vicente Manansala, J Elizalde Navarro, Benedicto Cabrera, Jose Tence Ruiz and Danilo Dalena.

Fee of Php120.00 per person includes tour of the ongoing exhibit. For more info contact Fanny at 6312417.